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gerber life college plan

Gerber Life College Plan – What is it All About?

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The Gerber Life College Plan is one of the many options available when it comes to financing your child’s education. From financial aid to hiding money under the mattress, one thing is for sure, college is expensive and parents have to plan out how they’re going to pay for it. Uncertainty about which option is best for your family can definitely make the process of saving more daunting. Research will be your best plan of attack, and Gerber Life provides the options growing families need for college savings plans. The flexibility of their plan allows parents to have confidence knowing the money will be there when the time comes to send their child off to college.

Why Gerber Life?

Free Child Safety ID Kit when You Apply!Gerber Life is a household name with years of experience helping parents make sound decisions about raising the future leaders of America. From healthy foods to safe products, Gerber has guided parents through the many questions and concerns which come with raising children. Their experience and dedication is continued with Gerber Life. They provide parents with information on ways they can provide financially for their children, including their child’s education through the Gerber Life plan.

Why This Plan?

When you’re booking the reservations to visit colleges or talking with your kids about taking time off instead of going straight to college, is not the time to begin thinking about how you’re going to pay for their academic career. Just as it takes 18 years to prepare your child for the journey called as higher education, it also takes those years to have a solid financial foundation to pay for their education. The Gerber Life plan provides this foundation and so much more. Not only does it provide a set amount at the end of its term, but it also serves as adult life insurance. The cash value can be used for any of the expenses that come along with being accepted to any college, or if your child decides not to continue their education the policy can be transferred into a life insurance policy for them. As with other Gerber Life policies, if financial strife hits after the policy becomes a life insurance policy, money can be borrowed from the policy to help out. Providing children with financial security, allows parents to enjoy their empty nest with peace of mind knowing if a problem arises the support their child needs is there.

Thrift savings plans, financial aid offered from the university, or the money tucked under your mattress won’t give you these options. Though you can use the money under your mattress in hectic times of need, your stored money won’t grow in value. If anything, it will lose value over the years, and you’ll lose sleep due to the lumps you are sleeping on. Many thrift plans are use it or lose it types, and if you’re lucky to get a pay out, they’re usually much smaller that what you thought they would be. Financial aid from the university always comes with strings and high interest rates, which is only available to those proving financial need and then sometimes aren’t granted. Plus, if your child decides not to go to college, this option isn’t available to them. Another issue with financial aid provided by the university is the burden of repayment. The Gerber Life plan requires no repayment since all payments have already been made.

Investing in a plan that provides options, allows parents to encourage their children to be whatever they want to be when they grow up. With less restrictions and the guarantee the money will be there when their children make that choice, are two ways the Gerber Life College Plan gives parents confidence in providing for their child’s future. Parents may not be able to control who their child’s alma mater will be, who they will marry, or even where they’ll live once they move out; but they can control where they money for college is going to come from. This will take the worry out of the cost of their child’s choice of life path and allow room for all the joyous memories you will create while they begin the journey down the path that they have chosen.

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