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Accidental Insurance Protection by Gerber Life – Who is Covered?

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When planning out your day, an accident is not something you add to the list, but the purchase of Accidental Insurance Protection should be. You won’t be able to predict when something is going to happen, however there’s always safety precautions we can and should take. Examples are wearing a seat belt, looking both ways before crossing the street, and even reading warning labels. Safeguarding your financial security like you safeguard you family, gives you a feeling of certainty, allowing you to ease through life knowing you’re taken care of no matter what life throws your way.

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Gerber Life provides a plan that will meet all of your needs if the unfortunate does happen. The policy will cover accidental death and disability, providing your family with the extra income needed to handle the situation. There’s an extraordinary amount of expenses that arise when a misfortune happens. Allow Gerber to insure you have the tools needed to fix the broken pieces when an accident occurs.

Insurance Coverage

Accidental Insurance Protection has different levels of coverage beginning at $20,000 and going up to $100,000. The premiums are based on the amount of coverage selected and don’t increase over time. The flexibility of this plan provides an opportunity for even the most budget conscious person to provide an umbrella of protection for their family without spending more than they can afford. Some of these accidental insurance options begin at just pennies a day.

Who Qualifies?

Any person between the ages of 19-69 qualifies for coverage. This type of insurance doesn’t require a health exam or medical questions, allowing acceptance of more applicants. The great news is your spouse qualifies too, allowing a maximum of $200,000 of coverage per household.


Peace of mind is the greatest benefit of owning this policy. An armor of defense against the calamities of life comes in the form of a plan that is affordable with enough coverage to provide for all the incidentals that may arise. Coverage also starts instantly, there’s no waiting period.

Accidents really happen at a fortuitous time, encouraging advance preparation. This includes educating yourself on how to spot situations where a car accident may occur. Knowing how to maneuver around someone who has pulled out in front of you could divert your car away from the potential collision. Placing heavier objects on the floor during travel will eliminate them becoming flying objects if you have to slam on the breaks. Since car accidents are one of the highest causes of accidental death, knowing how to avoid them is crucial.

Other areas in need of caution are situations when losing a body part can be an issue. Educating yourself about the proper ways to use certain machinery and tools will help shield your body from dismemberment. Something as simple as wearing safety goggles can be the difference between losing your eyesight and the accident being a close call.

Simple steps can be taken to keep you safe, although even with the best planning accidents are just that – accidents. They come out of nowhere and cause endless amounts of misfortune. If you’re waiting until something happens before you spend the time looking into options to fill the financial gaps, it will be too late. When these misfortunes arise, you’ll be glad you took the time to secure your finances before they happened.

Gerber Life is a company with a history of caring for people. Trust is something they have earned through decades of educating people on the best ways to care for their family. From feeding your baby correctly to preparing for your final goodbye, Gerber has you covered. Don’t let the “what-ifs” of life become a monkey on your back. Secure your family’s well being through a protection plan that will put a barrier between them and the financial hassles that may occur. This will allow them to focus on the situation on hand instead of worrying about where the money is going to come from. You spend time reading consumer reports about which products are safest for you and your family before you buy them. Unfortunately even with the safest items, accidents can happen. Don’t let an accident ruin your financial foundation because you were not prepared.

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